Calendar of Events



TODAY:          6:30 pm: Women’s Dinner at 6:30 pm

   The Men of the church (Moderator, Dickie Altizer) prepare

   And serve the supper to celebrate Mother’s Day in Fellowship

   Fall. Please join us. Everyone is invited!

5/16 (Tues):     3:30 pm: Elementary Youth Program:

                                       At Critterville Park for the year-end celebration.                                           

                        4:30 pm: Choir Practice

                        6:00 pm: Women’s Evening Circle:

                                       Meet at the church parking lot and go to Linda Bay’s Cabin for

                                       gathering, Bible Study and Fellowship.

5/17 (Wed):     6:30 pm: Bible Study

§  Text: Exodus Chapter 12

§  Theme: The Passover (3): ‘”When I see the blood (of the lamb on your doorposts), I will pass over you.

5/19 (Fri):        11:00 am: Prayer Meeting with Bible Study (“Boaz”)

Coming Up:

5/21 (Sun):      5th Sunday of Easter:

§  Sermon: “I say it again: Rejoice!”

§  Text: Philippians 4:1-8

9:30 am: Choir Practice

                        9:45 am: Sunday School (Children & Adults)

                                  The Purpose Driven Life: “We’re Made for a Mission” (Day 36-38)

                        During Worship:

                                    The Recognition of Graduates (Abbigael Martin, Nick Helton)

                                    We will have a combined worship with Dye Chapel.

                        7:00 PM: Session

5/23 (Tue):      7:00 PM: Preschool Graduation in the Sanctuary

5/24 (Wed):     6:30 pm: Bible Study

§  Text: Exodus Chapter 13

§  Theme: Exodus: After the 10th plague & the Passover, Pharaoh the Israelites leave from the area of Goshen in Egypt; “There were about 600,000 men on foot, besides women and children.”

5/29 (Mon):     Memorial Day (office will be closed)

5/30 (Tue):      Volunteers at Food Pantry

5/30 (Tue):      Technology Committee 7:00 pm

6/2 (Fri):          Volunteers at Food Pantry

6/5-9 (M-F):     Vacation Bible School

·         Theme: “Hero Central: Discover Your Strength in God”

·         Time: 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

·         Ages:  Preschool through 7th grade

·         For registration and questions, contact Ann McFall.

6/10 (Sat): Relay For Life. For the information, contact Martha Jessee,                 

Mission Trip: Dates are set with July 27 (Thurs) - 30 (Sun) at Ronceverte, WV. So far, about 21 people have shown an interest in participation. For all those planning to participate or for more details or questions, contact Mary Childers, Pat Neely (co-chairs of the Mission Committee), or one of the committee members. Thank you. Registration Form and deposit due by June 1.

We Thank God for: Everyone who worked and attended Last Sunday’s Presbytery Cluster Meeting. It was a great gathering. Praise the Lord!

Joys and Concerns

Billie Lowe, Robert Vencill, Trula Lester (Narcie), Harry Hess, Gary Damron (Narcie), Polly Jackson (Joan)

Ongoing: Lucille Hollenhead, Karen Lester Chaney (Brenda), Linda Patton Baker (from Brenda), Bill Smith (Joan), Janey Woods, Linda Harris (Cathy), Jaylyn Osborne (Martha), Jay DeBord, Maggie Rasnake (Stephanie), Edward Meadows Jr. (Dorothy), Ellis Linder (Sandy), Terry Mosley, Keith Rice (Martha), Arthur Novak (Brenda), Linda McGlothlin, Fred Bays, Nancy Clevenger (from Emily), Gwendalyn Slone, Robert Hess (from Dorothy), Tina McGlothlin, Louise Bower, David Jessee, Lenel Deel, Carol Vance (Melissa’s Aunt), Lori Sharp (from Karen), Virginia Steele, John Jackson (Harry), Jason Kennedy (from Hunter), Denny Roberts, Richard Lee

Nursing Home: Katherine Hess & Carolyn Meadows (Commonwealth Assisted Living)

Home-Bound Members: Mary Lou Shortridge, Jim McVey

Birthday:  Katie Ray (17), Perry Gilbert, III (18), Pastor Paul Min (27)

Worship Attendance                                                       89


Worship Participants:      Today:                       Next Sunday (5/21)

Lay Leader:                          Brenda Lawson                          Linda Bays

Minute for Mission               Brenda Lawson                          Linda Bays

Children’s Sermon:              Pastor Paul Min                       Terri McFall  

Ushers:                                 Mike Shortridge                         James McVey

                                             Brenda Lawson                          Bob Saxton

                                             Martha Jessee                           Dickie Altizer

                                             Karl Vollmer                               Pat Neely

Acolytes:      Hunter Kennedy     Anna Hrovatic

                                             MaddoxBrown                         Campbell Hrovatic

*PRESCHOOL: is now Enrolling for 2017-18 school year. For details, contact the church office.

*NURSERY is available in our Noah’s Ark Nursery



*NURSERY is available in our Noah’s Ark Nursery