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Home Coming Sunday



September 24, 2017

Pot Luck Luncheon following worship

Invite former members and friends


This Week:

TODAY:          After worship: The First United Methodist Church invited us to Block Party for picnic-style lunch and fellowship in their parking lot about 12:30 p.m.

                        7:00 pm: Session

9/11 (Mon):     6:30 pm: Membership Committee

9/12 (Tue):      Food Pantry Volunteering

                        2:00 pm: Afternoon Circle at Lucille’s

                        3:30 pm: Elementary Youth Program

                        7:00 PM: Evening Circle at Brenda’s

9/13 (Wed):     6:30 pm: Bible Study

§  Text: Exodus 33

§  Theme: The Tent of Meeting: Moses put a tent at the center of the Israelites camp;

9/15 (Fri):        Food Pantry Volunteering

                        11:00 -11:40 pm: Prayer Meeting with Devotion

9/16 (Sat):       9:30 am - 2:00 PM: Presbytery Mountaintop Workshop

§  Place: Royal Oak Presbyterian Church in Marion.

§  Theme: Youth Ministry

§  Speaker: Dr. Dan Kreiss, King University. Dr. Whitaker, President of King University will also be speaking.

                        This is annual workshop planned by Presbytery Education      Committee (Chair, Pastor Paul Min)


9/17 (Sun):      15th Sunday after Pentecost,

§  Text: Genesis 32

§  Title: The gods People Have Made Today (7)

9:30 am: Choir Practice

                        9:45 am: Sunday School (Children & Adults)

9/18 (Mon):     6:30 PM: Men of the Church

9/20 (Wed):     6:30 pm: Bible Study

§  Text: Exodus 34

§  Theme: The New Stone Tablets

9/24 (Sun):      Church Anniversary & Home-Coming Sunday

                        After worship: All Church Luncheon.

                        Invite former members and friends to celebrate our Birthday together.

MISSIONS for Hurricane Harvey: For those who wish to support PDA (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance) emergency response and recovery efforts, gifts may be given today in the offering. Make check out to RPC but designate to PDA-Hurricane Harvey. We will send one check. If you would like to mail yours send to: Presbyterian Church (USA), P O Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700.

We thank God for:  (1) those who worked to make the Movie Night and the Block Party a success. (Membership Committee) (2) the generosity of those who attended Lunch-for-a-fee, donating ($1,694) for OCC missions.

Joys and Concerns

Milvina Deel (Meglyn)

Those who died, injured or suffered damage due to the flooding in Texas and Hurricane Irma

Harry Hess                        Roy & Betty Hooker               Bob Mullins (Olena)

George Ball (Dorothy)      Thelma Childress (Marilyn)    Will Culbertson

Gale Mears (Tom Bays)   Tom Wiley (Carroll Lee)         Mike Compton,    

Angie Bays                        Robert Hess (John)                Klyne Lauderback (Linda),

R. A. Cook (Marilyn)         Lee James (Rita Bower)         Arthur Novak (Brenda)    

Trula Lester (Narcie)         Gary Damron (Narcie)           Bill Alicie (Narcie)

Karen Chaney (Brenda)   Maggie Rasnake (Stephanie) Ellis Linder (Sandy)         

Richard Lee                    Denny Roberts                        Nancy Clevenger (Emily)

Terry Mosley                     Laura-Beth Hess (Josh)          Alice Corder (Susan)

Missionaries: Michael & Rachel Weller in Africa

Nursing Home: Katherine Hess, Carolyn Meadows (Commonwealth Assisted Living)

Home-Bound Members: Mary Lou Shortridge, Jim McVey

Birthday: Emily Helton (10)            Anniversary:  Jeff & Martha Jessee (14)

Worship Participants:      Today:                       Next Sunday (9/17)

Lay Leader:                           Eugene Childers                       Brenda Lawson

Children’s Sermon:               Communion                              Pastor Paul Min

Ushers:                                  Andy Hrovatic                          Mary Childers

                                               Dickie Altizer                            Catherine Vollmer

                                               Tim Ray                                    Pat Neely

                                               Karl Vollmer                              Martha Jessee

Acolytes:                                Eliza Culbertson                       Abby Fuller

                                               Gannon Brown                         Hunter Kennedy



Prophet Jonah: was a native of Gath-helper, a town about an hour’s distance from Nazareth. Probably, he was a disciple of Prophet Elisha and succeeded him as a prophet. He lived in the reign of King Jeroboam 2 and aided him in making the Northern Kingdom of Israel is very powerful and prosperous (See 2 Kings 14:25).

God is in the Book of Jonah. He is taking care of His prophet. God is working. God prepared: a great fish (1:17), a vine (4:6), a worm (4:7), and a scorching east wind (4:8). Jonah is the test book of the Bible. It challenges our faith.



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*NURSERY is available in our Noah’s Ark Nursery