Calendar of Events


The 40 days of Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter; it is a time of self-examination and reflection. In Lent, at the begging of worship, we will have the Lenten Moment of Extinguishing the Candles with Gospel readings; the sermon will be delivered on the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:5-15 & Luke 11:1-13:

            2/18 (1st Sunday in Lent):       “Our Father ….”                                 

            2/25 (2nd Sunday in Lent):      “Thy Kingdom ….”                                         

            3/4 (3rd Sunday in Lent):       “Give Us This Day our Daily Bread ….”

            3/11 (4th Sunday in Lent):       “Forgive us our Debts …”

            3/18 (5th Sunday in Lent):       “Lead us not into Temptation …”

            3/15 (Palm Sunday):               “Jesus’ Prayer at Gethsemane” (Matt. 26:36-56)      4/1 (Easter Sunday):               “Thine Is the …. the Glory.”


TODAY:          During Worship: The Lord’s Supper

3/6 (Tue):        3:00 pm: Elementary Youth Program

3/7 (Wed):       6:30 pm: Bible Study

§  Text: Text: Joshua Chapter 6

§  Theme: “The Fall of Jericho”

3/8 (Thurs):     9:30 am: Presbytery Meeting at Central Presbyterian Church

                                       (301 Euclid Avenue, Bristol: 276-669-3157)

                                       We need a representative of our RPC for the meeting.

3/9 (Fri):          11:00 am: Prayer Meeting


3/11 (Sun):      4th Sunday in Lent:

§  Text: Matthew 6:5-15

§  Sermon: “The Lord’s Prayer (4): “Forgive Us ….…”

9:30 am: Choir Practice

                        9:45 am: Sunday School (Children & Adults)

                        7:00 pm: Session

3/7 (Wed):       6:30 pm: Bible Study

§  Text: Text: Joshua Chapter 7

§  Theme: “Achan’s Sin”                  

3/18 (Sun):      Education Committee after worship

3/25 (Sun):      Palm/Passion Sunday, Membership Committee after worship

3/29 (Thurs):   Maundy Thursday: A Service of Passover Celebration

4/1 (Sun):        Easter Sunday


(1)  Operation Christmas Child: please bring socks and underwear during March. Need all size of 2T-14. Baskets are in narthex. And, bring in your empty shoeboxes so that they can be wrapped and ready to pack.

(2)  One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS): has been a Lenten mission project for over 50 years to help our neighbors/children who have suffered from poverty and hunger in the world. The offering will be collected on Palm Sunday.  We also encourage our children to use the Fish Bank at home.

Let Pastor Know: if you are interested in:

(1). New Membership: for those who have been active in ministry at RPC;

(2). Infant Baptism or Adult Baptism:

(3). Confirmation: for those who have received an infant baptism

(4). Visitation or Meeting: He is available except Thursday

Joys and Concerns:

Wilma Evans (Sue Gianato),  Ryan Scott (Ashley),  Katie Ray,  Barry Cunningham  Clarissa Tatum,  Arthur Novak (Brenda), Family of Polly Jackson

Gary Damron (Narcie)        Tom Beavers                       Colleen Semones (Meglyn)

Jim Beavers (Bob)               Hannah Min                         Rick Brown (Martha)       

Patty Gilbert                         Lenel Deel                            George/Barbara Ball (Dorothy)

Tom Wiley                            Bob Mullins (Olena)             Cheryl Proffit (Charlotte)

Betty & R.A. Cook               Donnie & Pam Watson        Maggie Rasnake (Stephanie)

Kelley Gray (Brenda)           Betty Hooker (Olena)          Arlene Ball (Susan)

Ellis Linder (Sandy)              Tonya Armes (Connie)        Jackie Sue Jessee (Martha)

Carla Smith (Tim Ray)        Shirley Herndon (Joan)       Claude Hess (Josh)

Sarah Jones (April)              Mike Compton                     Barbara Boyd (Melissa)

Robert Hess (John)             Teresa Dickerson (Mary)    Lee James (James Bower)

Zach Carter (Sandy)            Denny Roberts                     Richard Lee 

Nursing Home: Carolyn Meadows (Commonwealth Assisted Living),

Shut-Ins: Mary Lou Shortridge, Angie Bays, Becky Rogich, Nancy Clevenger (Emily),

                Virginia Steele

Missionaries: Michael & Rachel Weller in Africa

Military Service: McKinley White, Nathan Wysor Dye, Chandler Lallande,  Wes Lauderback

BIRTHDAY: Will Adams (4), Terri McFall (8)    

Worship Participants:      Today:                       Next Sunday (3/11)

Lay Leader:                           Catherine Vollmer                    Linda Bays

Children’s Sermon:               Josh Brown                              Terri McFall

Ushers:                                  James McVey                          Dickie Altizer

                                               Matthew Shortridge                  Catherine Vollmer

                                   Brenda Lawson                        Josh Brown

                                               Mike Shortridge                        Pat Neely

Acolytes:                                Anna Hrovatic                          Jonce Allen Culbertson

                                               Campbell Hrovatic                   Eliza Culbertson

*Church Safety: During worship, we will lock the doors. If you are late for the worship, call the phone number, posted on the door of the main entrance. For other questions, contact Dickie Altizer. Thank you.

*DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME: begins on Sunday, March 11.

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*NURSERY is available in our Noah’s Ark Nursery