Calendar of Events



1/1 (Mon):       New Year’s Day

1/3 (Wed):       9:00 am: Preschool Resumes

                        6:30 pm: Bible Study

§  Text: Philippians Chapter 4 (I)

§  Theme: “I will say it again, Rejoice”

1/5 (Fri):          11:00 am: Prayer Meeting

1/6 (Sat):         Epiphany of the Lord


1/7 (Sun):        Baptism of the Lord Sunday: The Lord’s Supper

§  Text: 2 Samuel 6:16-23

§  Sermon: “Stay Foolish”

9:30 am: Choir Practice

                        9:45 am: Sunday School (Children & Adults)

1/9 (Tue):        2:00 pm: Afternoon Circle

                        3:00 pm: Elementary Youth

                        7:00 pm: Evening Circle

1/10 (Wed):     6:30 pm: Bible Study

§  Text: Philippians Chapter 4 (II)

§  Theme: “Final Exhortations: Thanks and Conclusion”

1/14 (Sun):      After Worship: A Congregational Meeting will be held with our 2018

                                                Budget Report.

1/21 (Sun):      After Worship: Christian Education Committee

                        4:00 PM: 2018 Planning Session

1/29 (Mon):     6:00 pm: Membership Committee

Photo Directory: The New Photo Directory has been made; the directories are on the narthex table. Names are on those how had pictures taken. There is a limited number of extra directories so if you did not have your picture taken and would like one please contact Mary Lee in the church office or Joan Wysor.

Prayer Request and Visitor’s Card: are placed in the pews. If you have a prayer request write it on the prayer card and place in the offering or give to an usher. We will share, then pray together.


1)    Christmas Tree Mission at the Fellowship Hall: Would you like to donate socks, gloves, hats for children in need? Please place gifts on the tree in the fellowship hall between now and January.

2)    2018 Mission Trip Plan: Jun 21 (Thurs) – Jun 24 (Sun) at Ronceverte, WVA

Thanks Be to God for:

1)       Everyone who worked for Christmas Eve Candle-lighting Worship.

2)        Everyone who participated in our Christmas Caroling on 12/17. 18 people participated in visiting the elderly and those in nursing home. Praise the Lord!                                                                                          

         3)       Those who prepared and attended in Joy Gift Dinner on 12/17.        

Joys and Concerns:

Barry Cunningham              Cheryl Proffit (Charlotte)     Terry Mosley

Lawrence Walkup (Pat)       Zach Carter (Sandy),           Tom Wiley

Harry Hess,                          Carroll Lee Wolfe                 Betty Hooker (Olena)

Claude Hess (Josh),            Tonya Armes (Connie)        Jackie Sue Jessee (Martha),

Teresa Dickerson (Mary)    Narcie & Jud Reynolds        Shirley Herndon (Joan)

Robert Hess (John)             Barbara Boyd (Melissa)       George Ball (Dorothy)

Mike Compton                     Ellis Linder (Sandy)              Lee James (James Bower)

Sarah Jones (April)              Polly Jackson (Joan)           Maggie Rasnake (Stephanie)

Bob Mullins (Olena)             R. A. Cook (Marilyn)            Shawn Sparks (Henry)

Denny Roberts                     Richard Lee                        

Nursing Home: Katherine Hess & Carolyn Meadows (Commonwealth Assisted Living)

Shut-Ins: Mary Lou Shortridge, Jim McVey, Angie Bays, Nancy Clevenger (Emily),

                Virginia Steele (Angie)

Missionaries: Michael & Rachel Weller in Africa

Military Service: Wes Lauderback (Afghanistan), McKinley White (Sumter, SC)

ANNVERSARY: Avery & Lenel Deel (3)

Worship Participants:      Today:                       Next Sunday (1/7)

Lay Leader:                           Susan Altizer                            Brenda Lawson

Children’s Sermon:               Adrianna Culbertson                 Communion

Ushers:                                  Dickie Altizer                            Brenda Lawson

                                               Tim Ray                                    James McVey

                                               Catherine Vollmer                    Tim Ray

                                               Mary Childers                           Andy Hrovatic

Acolytes:                                Gannon Beown                        Jonce Allen Culbertson

                                               Hunter Kennedy                       Gannon Brown



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*NURSERY is available in our Noah’s Ark Nursery