Calendar of Events


This Week:

TODAY:          During Worship: Pumpkin Contest and UNICEF Donation

   The Recognition of Preschool Students

                        After Worship: Short Session in the sanctuary

                        After Worship: Packing the Shoe Box

                                    To complete 2017 Christmas Operation Child Mission

                                    We invite all children and adults;

                                    Join us for a light lunch in the Fellowship Hall.

10/31 (Tue)     Halloween (“Holy Evening”): No Elementary Youth Program

11/1 (Wed):     All Saints’ Day

                        6:30 pm: Bible Study

§  Text: Exodus 40

§  Theme: “The Dedication of the Tabernacle – The Royal Tent during the Journey to Canaan” (A summary of the book)

11/3 (Fri):        11:00 am: Friday Prayer Meeting         

11/4 (Sat):       9:00 am: HOSTING PRSBYTERY MEETING & LUNCH

                        We invite everyone to participate this special event: to attend &

                        serve worship, the presbytery meeting, and fellowship lunch.

            The Schedule: 9:00 - 9:30 am: Registration

                                                  9:30 -12:00 pm: Worship and Meeting

                                                 12:00 - 1:00 pm: Lunch         

                                                 1:00 - 2:30 pm: Meeting                                

            Estimated Participants: 70-90 presbyters (ministers & elders)

            Things for Preparation:

            Setting up the table:

                        Table Settings for the registration, meeting and lunch

                        Sound System with a microphone & speaker’s stand

                        A small room for a possible meeting                                


                        Welcoming the people in the parking lot (3-4 people)

                        Refreshments during the time of registration

                        (It needs to be available by 8:30 am)


                         Ushers and assistants of Communion, if necessary

               Choir for special music,   

               An Organist or Pianist for worship

Lunch: One person for selling and collecting lunch tickets (Lunch: $5 per person)

             Serving the meal

Afternoon: There usually is not an afternoon break, but people might appreciate having

             some beverages and “munchies” available in the afternoon                                


11/5 (Sun):      22nd Sunday after Pentecost

§  Text: Luke 17:11-19

§  Sermon: “A Simple ‘Thank You’”

9:30 am: Choir Practice

                        9:45 am: Sunday School (Children & Adults)

                        Following Worship: Congregational Meeting:

During the meeting, our new officers & Nominating Committee members will be nominated and elected. 

11/8 (Wed):     6:30 pm: Bible Study

§  Text: The Book of Philippians

§  Theme: The Introduction of the Book of Philippians

11/19 (Sun):    Thanksgiving Sunday

11/26 (Sun):    Advent Crafts & Dinner

12/3 (Sun):      1st Sunday of Advent with The Lord’s Supper, VIP Dinner                                                               


(1). Backpack Food Program: we are collecting Chicken Noodle Soup during October for the hungry children in the community.

(2). The Men of the Church are collecting personal hygiene items, twin sheet and towels sets for the Highlands Children’s Home in Wytheville. If you would like to donate items for the home please, leave them in the designated box in the narthex.  

Thanks be to God for: Preschool children and parents, preschool teachers and Education Committee members who have served for Richlands Presbyterian Preschool.


Joys and Concerns:

Elaine Johnson in the loss of her sister, Carol Vance

Melaine Holmes and Family at the loss of her daughater

Cheryl Noel (Cathy), Shirley Herndon (Joan), Arthur Novak (Brenda)

Lenel Deel, Jud Reynolds, Carroll Lee

George Godbey                Tom Wiley                               Chris Pierallini (Leslie)

Baby Bailee(Martha)         Sarah Jones (April)                 Karen Chaney (Brenda)

Mike Compton                  Ellis Linder (Sandy)                 Liz Ann Boykin (Joan)     

Melvina Deel (Meglyn)     Polly Jackson (Joan)              Wes Lauderback (Linda)

Terry Mosley                     Nancy Clevenger (Emily)       Bob Mullins (Olena)

George Ball (Dorothy)      Roy & Betty Hooker               Thelma Childress (Marilyn)  

Gary Damron (Narcie)     Robert Hess (John)                R. A. Cook (Marilyn)

Lee James (Rita Bower)   Bill Alicie (Narcie)                   Maggie Rasnake (Stephanie)

Denny Roberts                  Richard Lee                                                              

Missionaries: Michael & Rachel Weller in Africa

Nursing Home: Katherine Hess, Carolyn Meadows (Commonwealth Assisted Living)

Home-Bound Members: Mary Lou Shortridge, Jim McVey

Birthday:  Hannah Bays (29), Mary Childers (3), Jim Sam Gillespie (3), 

Worship Participants:      Today:                       Next Sunday (11/4)

Lay Leader:                           Brenda Lawson                        Linda  Bays

Children’s Sermon:               Terri McFall                              Communion

Ushers:                                  Dickie Altizer                            Tim Ray

                                               Catherine Vollmer                    Dickie Altizer

                                               James McVey                          Mike Shortridge

                                               Mary Childers                           Karl Vollmer

Acolytes:                                Maddox Brown                         Eliza Culbertson

                                               Eliza Culbertson                       Jonce Allen Culbertson


The Preschool Sunday Service

October 29, 2017


Richlands Presbyterian Preschool:

         Teachers: Mrs. Polly Doud, Mrs. Jennifer Lowe

         Current Program

Recognition of Preschool Students:

3 Year Old (Tuesday & Thursday):

Sophia Blantin                                        Maggie Cook

Cash Compton                                        Anistyn Crabtree

Charleigh Dales                                     Karley Helmandollar

Gray Herndon                                        Genesis Kimbrell

Abbygail McClanhan                              Zoey McClanhan

Cooper Mullins                                      Ella Rae Patton

Brynleigh Pruitt                                      Aubrey Reynolds

Lyla Rumberger                                     Willow Honaker

Mari Shawver                                        Camden Shortt

Haley Ward                                   


4 Year Old (Monday, Wednesday & Friday):

Olivia Bandy                                           Rosalie Bandy

Conor Campbell                                     Paisley Cline

Tatem Collins                                         Adam Hensley

Daniella Hoffman                                  Tristan Johnson

Bane Keene                                            Raylan Maxwell

Lilee-Ann McClanahan                          Lexi Miller

Colt Osborne                                          Margaret Owens

Finley Riley                                             Aiden Sisk

Easton Smith                                          Tucker Smith

Tayler Thomas                                       Jace Willis

Preschool Students’ Presentation:

         “Jesus Loves Me”

         “He’s Got the Whole World”




*NURSERY is available in our Noah’s Ark Nursery